Spanish Immersion Program

Spanish ClassThis is a program for anyone who wants to learn Spanish; the minimum age to participate in this program is thirteen years. Classes are small with no more than six students per class. This allows the class to be personalized with each student getting individual attention from the instructor. The program is divided into four classes which last a total of six hours a day. Every student takes a short placement test upon arrival at the school, and classes are formed on the basis of the test results. The results are divided into the categories of grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and fluency.

The program is divided in the following manner:

  • Pronunciation and spelling

The class material is in accordance with the student’s level on the placement test, and the class helps students with pronunciation, fluency, and spelling. Students learnSpanish Class and practice the rules of spelling, perform exercises in pronunciation to improve fluency, and increase vocabulary. The class utilizes the book that goes with the student’s level as well as additional material.

  • Grammar

In this class, students learn how to write correctly in Spanish, how to conjugate verbs in different tenses and utilize them correctly in conversation. Students learn the language with the help of grammar while at the same time focusing on the oral aspect of language acquisition, which is also very important. The program includes both oral and written exercises and utilizes various teaching strategies. The grammar class uses the book and extra material according to the student’s level obtained on the placement test.

  • Functional Grammar

This class reinforces the grammar class, again according to the student’s level. The class covers aspects of grammar which are particularly challenging; reading selections to improve comprehension and reasoning; literature and more.

  • Conversation

Spanish ClassThe conversation class focuses on various points of interest which include customs and traditional Mexican celebrations and takes into account points of interest of different places and regions in Mexico and Latin America. The objective of the class is for the students to increase their vocabulary about a particular theme and gain confidence to utilize their knowledge of the language. The conversations are based on the level of the students and their vocabulary and previous knowledge of the language.