Spanish Program for Families.

Family ClassEach summer the school opens for a special, week-long program with families that attend the school to study and enjoy a week together. The family week Spanish program is divided into the general program and the program for children and teens. This program is for students between the ages of 6 and 13. After the age of 14, students enroll in the adult program. Class groups are formed after students have taken the placement test. The program consists of six hours of class divided into two hours of grammar, two hours of conversation and two hours of instructive activities. As in the general program, students take a placement test to ensure that they are placed in the appropriate level.

The program is divided in the following manner:

Program for children and teens:

  • Grammar

The specific aspects of grammar studied are according to the student’s level obtained on the placement test.

  • Conversation

Students are motivated to practice speaking using themes of interest to teens and pre-teens.

  • Grammar

Students continue studying the same aspects of grammar from the first session.

  • Conversation

Students continue conversations initiated in the previous conversation class or begin a new theme.

Program for Parents:

  • Pronunciation and spelling

This part of the class helps the student with pronunciation, spelling, and fluency. Students learn the rules of spelling which then helps them improve writing skills. The book and extra material used are according to the student’s level based on the placement test.

  • Grammar

The class utilizes a book for grammar practice which focuses on an aspect of grammar according to the student’s level. In the class, there are a series of exercises which are supported by various teaching techniques. The goal is for students to learn the language through grammatical structures while keeping in mind the importance of oral practice. The program includes both written and oral exercises.

  • Functional grammar program

This class supports and reinforces the grammar class, again according to the student’s level. The class covers challenging aspects of grammar, vocabulary, stories, literature, and more.

  • Conversation

In this class, students practice conversations according to their knowledge and vocabulary and acquire the confidence to maintain a conversation in Spanish. The conversations center on points of interest of various places, customs, traditional Mexican fiestas, professions, and more.