Spanish for Middle and High School Students

Spanish ClassThis class is a continuation or support to the language studies that the students have in their schools or it can be the beginning of their experience with the language. This program is for students between the ages of 8 and 17. After the age of 17, students enroll in the adult program. The program is conducted in groups of students usually from middle and high schools. As in the general program, students take a placement test to ensure that they are placed in the appropriate level.

The program is divided in the following manner:

  • Grammar Spanish Class

The specific aspects of grammar studied are according to the student’s level obtained on the placement test.

  • Conversation

Students are motivated to practice speaking using themes of interest to teens and pre-teens.

  • Grammar

Students continue studying the same aspects of grammar from the first session.

  • Conversation

Spanish StudentStudents continue conversations initiated in the previous conversation class or begin a new theme.