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Spanish Books

"Aprende Haciendo Ejercicios"– Learn by Doing Exercises

Series of 12 books from the basic level to advanced.

“Aprende Haciendo Ejercicios” is a workbook series that was created to help students learn Spanish as a second language. The book is used in class with the support of the professor, and exercises are both written and oral. Students can also use the book to continue practicing and learning outside of class.

The books in this series are used by a wide range of students from those who hardly speak any Spanish and are studying the language for the first time to those who already have an intermediate or advanced knowledge of the language.

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English-Spanish dictionary

"Aprende Haciendo Ejercicios" – Learn by Doing Exercises. (Advanced Program).

Advanced Program

The series of 12 books “Aprende Haciendo Ejercicios” is complemented by four more books which integrate a special program for advanced students. Students can take this program after completing the classes which are covered by the 12 previous books. The advanced program contains material that has to do with specific aspects of Spanish grammar, expressions and idioms which enrich the language, and practice in certain vocabulary that is related to grammatical points such as mood, tense, etc.

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Spanish Verbs!

Spnish Verbs

“Vamos a Conjugar,” Let’s Conjugate

This book contains more than 600 verbs and helps students learn many Spanish verbs and their conjugations in different tenses, moods, and forms. The book contains conjugations of both regular and irregular verbs. The book also helps students expand their vocabulary as each verb is also listed in English.



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Speak Spanish the right way!


Learn Spanish

“Hablar y escribir,” Speak and Write

This book helps students with pronunciation and fluency. It also helps students expand their vocabulary and improve their writing. The book contains exercises that students practice orally so that they improve pronunciation, decrease their accent and improve their fluency. There are written exercises in which students practice spelling and learn new vocabulary. In general, this book helps students continue their acquisition of Spanish as a complement to the book, “Aprende Haciendo Ejercicios.”

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“Libro de Medicina”

Medical Spanish bookThis book is for students who have a connection with the field of medicine and are learning Spanish. The book contains general vocabulary about medicine, such as parts of the body, specialties, illnesses, etc. Grammar exercises and activities in the book are also related to medicine. This book supports students in their grammar class at the same time that it helps them become familiar with medical vocabulary in Spanish.


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