Tuition and other fees.

Courses are held throughout the year. Weekday courses are offered year-round, Monday through Friday.

The school is open year-round including during Christmas time and most U.S. holidays. The courses start every Sunday for the week course and every Friday for the weekend. The week courses are for 25 hours and the weekend courses are for 8 hours. The classes are small; there is an average of 3 students and a maximum of 6 students per class. Students range from absolute beginners to advanced or bilingual students who want to improve their fluency. Minimum stay is one weekend or one week up to six months. The school offers private lessons after school hours.

Tuitions Fees:



Number of Weeks

One Week

*Two Weeks

*Three Weeks

*Four or more


$250 per week
$230 per week
$200 Per Week





One Weekend




Note: There is a $30.00 material fee. It includes two books, handouts, and Internet access. Fees for university or college credits are not included in the tuition; credit fees are paid directly to the institution granting the credit.

*Two, three and four week prices are special promotional prices and are affected by restrictions. To find out more about our restrictions click here.


You do not need to send your deposit, please pay for your tuition when you arrive at the school.


Living with a local Mexican Family!

Live with a Mexican Family

Students are placed with local Mexican families so that they will speak Spanish away from classrooms and in real life conversational situations. The family experience further assists the student in understanding the rich heritage of their family life in a truly natural and friendly manner. All meals are included in the “Living with a Local Mexican Family” housing plan.


The "Home Stay" program in which students live with a local Mexican family has two plans:


Plan( A )

Plan ( B )


If you are coming for one to three weeks.
If you are coming for four weeks or more.


Cost $30.00 per day for a private room.
$25.00 per day per person for a shared room.
$22.00 per day for private room.
$19.00 per day for shared room.

Both plans include three meals per day. Families are paid directly and in cash, U.S. dollars (please, no bills larger than 20's).

The school does not provide roommates.

Spanish immersion program in Ensenada, Baja Califonia, Mexico!