Living with a Mexican family!

Students are urged to take advantage of this optional program. A number of local families have been chosen by our faculty to play host to visiting students. This phase of the program is highly important because students speak Spanish away from the classroom in natural day-to-day surroundings. These real life conversational situations help the student to understand the rich heritage of the Mexican culture and to experience Mexican family life in a truly natural and friendly manner.

Spanish Classes Students

Live with a Mexican Family

Students are placed with local Mexican families so that they will speak Spanish away from classrooms and in real life conversational situations.



Spanish Mexican FamilyThe host families

Many of the host families have been with us since our founding. We have been careful to select families from middle class professions. They may be bilingual, but they work hard to ensure that each student becomes a new family member speaking Spanish on a full time basis at home. As in the U.S., an increasing number of Mexicans no longer smoke. In fact, The Center is a smokeless facility and none of our families smoke in their homes.

Eat Real Mexican Food

All meals are included

All meals are included in this housing plan. Students participating in the home stay program have the option of sharing a room with a fellow student or having a private room. The host family will provide a quiet place where the student can study and do the homework that will be assigned during the course.

Hotel CoronaAlternate Accommodations

For students who choose not to stay with a local family, there is a wide range of choices because the city is such a popular tourist site. Wide sandy beaches south of the city are home to a number of outstanding resorts with hotel and RV facilities. In town there are a number of top grade hotels. Ensenada has several RV parks as well as economically priced motels. Please contact us prior to making any arrangements. You may also see your favorite travel agent or cruise the Internet for accommodations.