College credits for Spanish Immersion program in Ensenada, Mexico!


Earn credits while you study!

Take advantage of the opportunity to spend a week or more studying Spanish language and culture in Ensenada, Mexico. Each week, students attend 25 hours of classroom instruction at the Center of Languages, a well-established Spanish language school in Ensenada. Students who complete the program are eligible to receive credit on a pass/no pass basis as long as they attend 100% of classroom instruction.

Arrangements for credits need to be made before you attend the program in Ensenada. Some universities or colleges require students to attend the Immersion Program on certain dates. Other universities or colleges do not have restrictions on dates of attendance. Anyone is eligible to receive credits, including students, teachers, nurses, and anyone who needs credits or continuing education units for their work.

Certain colleges have in-state residency requirements. The staff at the Center of Languages can help students determine which program will best meet their needs. At the time of enrollment, please let us know what type of credits you are seeking. More info.>>>

Fees for university or college credits are not included in the tuition for the Center of Languages; fees are paid directly to the institution granting the credit.