Learn Spanish in a unique Spanish immersion program combined with a cultural experience in Ensenada Baja California Mexico.


The multicultural port city of Ensenada, Baja California located about 70 miles south of Tijuana, is the perfect place to get away and study Spanish. Ensenada is in the inlet Bahia de Todos Santos (Inlet of All Saints). The city is surrounded by small mountain ranges and enjoys mild weather year-round. Locally, Ensenada is known as La Bella Cenicienta del Pacifico (The Cinderella of the Pacific). With a population of over 425,000 people, Ensenada is the third largest city in Baja California and its most important seaport and yet maintains a relaxed, small-town feel.

Ensenada was first discovered in 1542 by Portuguese navigator Don Juan Rodriguez. The town was known as a small fishing village until it was developed into a port in 1885. It quickly developed into a boom town, but a drought a few years later left the city dormant for years. Hussong’s Cantina (est. 1892) is a world-famous landmark from those early days. Today, Ensenada is known for its seafood restaurants, beaches, fishing, and shopping at local boutiques. Cruise ships stop in Ensenada on a regular basis. In addition, Ensenada is an important commercial and fishing port. The economy of Ensenada depends on commercial fishing, tourism, agriculture, and to a lesser extent, maquiladoras.

Ensenada Grapes

Ensenada and surrounding areas have a variety of activities to offer. Just a short distance to the northeast of Ensenada is the Guadalupe Valley, founded by Russian immigrants in the late nineteenth century. La Valle de Guadalupe is home to numerous wineries with the reputation of being among Mexico’s finest. Every August for two weeks, the Wine Harvest Festival is a big draw with its many culinary and cultural events

Ensendada La Bufadora

Just north of the city is San Miguel, a popular surf spot. To the south of Ensenada lies la Bufadora (The Blowhole), one of only several known marine geysers in the world.




Ensenada Whale

Whale watching tours are an additional attraction, and the Baja 1000 and Baja 500 off-road races take place in Ensenada every November and June, respectively. Carnival is another attraction, as Ensenada has one of the largest in Mexico. For six days and nights, thousands of people gather in the streets.



Ensenada has a varied nightlife, with many clubs and bars where one can enjoy the latest dance music or stroll into a cantina like Hussong’s to join in as everyone sings along with the Mariachis.

Spanish immersion program in Ensenada, Baja Califonia, Mexico.